And the WINNERS are…

Here are the winners of the 2020 C&O Modelers Weekend raffle.

It surely wasn’t as much fun as our usual event finale, but we hope the winners enjoy their goodies and we thank everyone for the continued support of the Chesapeake and Ohio Modelers Weekend and the St. Albans C & O Modelers.

  • Blane Hienfeld, Athearn C&O refer kit.
  • Karen Parker, Walthers C&O hopper kit,  Roundhouse  C&O box car.
  • Charles Gartrell, S scale Coke truck, Bowser NS hopper, Bowser B&O hopper.
  • Tony Liccese, Atlas HO C&O caboose, Road Champs WVSP car, Bowser RI hopper.
  • Dave Sepos, Micro-Trains N scale C&O camp car, Bowser PRR box car.
  • Ken Gager, O scale REA car, Micro-Trains N scale NW flat car.
  • Jeremy Ferrell, Bowser PRR hopper, Kadee C&O box car.
  • Elly Wefel, 1946 Freight Car Book.
  • Frank Bongiovanni, O scale C&O hopper, Bowser PRR hopper.
  • Jon Myers, Micro-Trains N scale C&O camp car, Kadee C&O box car.
  • Jim Kehn, Athearn So Branch Valley box car kit.
  • Roger Wicker, Micro-Trains N scale VA box car.
  • Frank Goad, Bowser D&H hopper.
  • Bill Ford, Accurail C&O hopper kit.
  • Bill Sparkmon, Broadway Lmt. $50. Gift Cert.
  • Andy Cummings, Accurail CMO box car kit,  Walthers Merchant Row kit.
  • Bill Meddlemas, O scale Coke cases,  Walthers ITC box car.
  • Doug Shirey, GreenLight 1/64 scale camper.
  • Nick Marakovits, Micro-Trains N scale ATSF covered hopper, Bowser SAL box car.
  • Emil Orenick, Athearn C&O gon kit, Bowser Carbide hopper.
  • Larry Olsen, O scale bus, Atlas O scale caboose, Micro-Trains N scale ATSF covered hopper, Proto 2000 GP9.
  • Steve Workman, Micro-Trains N scale, scale test car, Roundhouse C&O box car.
  • Tyler Wylie, Woodland Scenics Waterfall kit.
  • Jesse Smith, Bowser NKP hopper.

We would also like to thank the following for graciously supporting our event.

Kadee Quality Products

Athearn Trains

William K. Walthers, Inc.

Bowser Mfg.

Broadway Limited Imports

Micro-Trains line

Woodland Scenics

West Virginia Hobbies and Crafts & Nitro Hobby and Crafts
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