SACOM for Progress… 07/23/2021

Layout development continues with bi-weekly work session, held on the night of Friday, July 23.

East of Cotton Hill

An idea of Tyler Wylie, a track realignment project in taking place east of Cotton Hill to reallocate space for scenery. Josh Elder assisted in starting the project.

The mainline is out of service east of Cotton Hill until this project is complete – check our website for updates!


Cory Claxon continues to cut sections of foam and prepare the area between Hurricane and Scary for scenery. Claxon has also recently purchased a Walthers Trackside Structures kit and used the interlocking tower within to model Hurricane’s KX Cabin.


Jesse Smith continues to make good progress at Handley Yard, adding a 110-foot turntable and a coaling tower. The turntable is not yet completely operational and neither is permanently installed as both pieces await weathering.

Those interested in joining the organization or wish to check out the layout can do so by attending one of the weekly Friday night meetings. Currently, meetings are alternating each week between a work-focused night and an operations-focused night.

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