C&O 1950 PS-1 Boxcar

In the early 1950’s, the C&O received 1500 PS-1 boxcars numbered 16,000-16,999 & 17,000-17499. These cars featured a new paint scheme designed to personify the C&O’s focus on modernization. This order of cars was delivered with the early C&O for Progress herald and the new modernistic Futura lettering, in yellow. At the time of their delivery, these cars made up approximately 10% of the C&O’s entire boxcar fleet.

To our knowledge, an accurate model of this car has not been made available in HO.

The St. Albans C&O Modelers (SACOM) is proud to offer a limited run of these HO scale boxcars, for the first time, with correct paint scheme. Custom painted by Accurail, these cars are available in 3 numbers for $29 each.

We will have the cars for sale at the AMRS Train Show in Huntington, November 24-26.

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