SACOM for Progress, Dec. 2021… operations!

When tracking the progress of our SACOM club layout, there are certain milestones. Certainly, our very first, formal operating session this December became a real “event.” On Dec. 11, 2021, orchestrated by Cory Claxon, trains were staged, clearance forms and track warrants issued, and a dozen trains dispatched from staging in both directions across the railroad.

The date of Dec. 11, 1952 meant heavy C&O steam on most trains, although a motive power shortage called for a few diesels that day. Manifest trains between Hurricane and Nuttalburg (80 miles) ran both east and west, plus coal trains, passengers, and even a lite-engine move to balance motive power. It was the first time that track authority was formally issued on this layout, with Cory, left, presenting the paperwork to Paul aboard engine 1633, to begin the operation. Manifest ran non-stop, coal trains were yarded at Handley (and the engines moved to the pit), passenger trains served St. Albans, and local freight No. 99 even drew an E7 on its break-in run, fresh from the Huntington Shops. From this op-session it was determined where we need additional crossovers, track tune-ups, and various electrical tweaks.

Future operating sessions will feature various dates, anywhere from WWII up through Chessie System, and even CSX. As the layout progresses with new trackage and scenery, from time-to-time we’ll have more of these “formal” op-sessions, but also the traditional “anything runs,” on days where we work, run, talk, socialize… and it sure is fun!

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